Size guide Makris shoes

We attach great importance to sustainability. Unnecessary delivery of goods and returns harm the environment and consume valuable resources. For this reason, we take measurements for all items in the shop in order to give you the best possible advice on choosing a size. Please compare measurements to existing and similar garments to ensure your new favorite will fit.

shoe size

Inner sole in cm foot length in cm
36 21.5 to 20.5
37 22.5 until 21.5
38 23.5 to 22.5
39 24.5 until 23.5
40 25.5 to 24.5
41 26.5 to 25.5
42 27.5 to 26.5
43 28.5 to 27.5
44 29.5 to 28.5
45 30.5 to 29.5


up to 30.5


In order to determine your own shoe size exactly, you should first measure the foot length in centimetres.

  1. A sheet of paper is placed flush against a wall and ideally fixed to the floor with adhesive tape so that nothing can slip.

  2. The foot is placed on the paper at right angles with the heel flush to the wall.

  3. Now the outermost point of the longest toe is marked with a pen. For more precise results, another person can help with this step.

  4. The distance from the mark to the edge of the paper facing the wall is the foot length.

  5. The steps should be carried out for both feet, as small differences in length are quite possible. When calculating the shoe size, it is advisable to use the larger value.

Tip: The best time to measure foot length is in the afternoon or evening. Over the course of the day, the load and the blood circulation in the foot increase. As a result, the volume is slightly larger later in the day.